I am currently not taking on any supervision of doctoral students.

Previous Students:

Carl Grinter, A producer and consumer focused investigation of meaning and expression in visual-effects production: How surprise creates novelty, meaning, cultural affect and future strategies in the London filmmaking network (1988-2014). London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London (2014–2020) Supervisory Team also includes: Professor William Raban (DoS) Dr Amanda Windle (Supervisor)

Veronika Hlinicanova, Urban Sanctuary – Examining the potential of innovative technologies in contemporary devotional practices. (2015–) Supervisory Team also includes: Dr Amanda Windle (DoS) Steve Cross (Supervisor) Simon Willmoth (Supervisor) and Dr Helen Thomas from 2014-5 (Supervisor)

Russell Merryman, Interactive Television: An analysis of the role of red button services in developing digital audiences in the UK. (2016-2019) Supervisory Team in the making: Dr Amanda Windle (DoS) Steve Cross (Supervisor) Simon Willmoth (Supervisor)


Veronika Hlinicanova, St Andrews University – MLitt external supervision for practice-based approaches around the use of probes in the action of play (2014). Supervisory Team also included: Steve Cross and Professor David Browne

Teaching and Training 

Completed Part 1 of the CLTAD Doctoral Supervisor’s Course at University of the Arts, London (2013).

My teaching consists of lectures, workshops, seminars, critiques, demos, portfolio surgeries and tutorials in further and higher education design and critical theory. I am a member of the IFL (2010-11) and the UCU. I received my MA, PGCE  (2003) in post-compulsory (16+) education training from Greenwich University focusing on art and design.

I am grateful for help from the AHRC for my Masters and Doctoral studies. With the situation of raised fees and a changing fee structure the delivery of education is indeed changing. I appreciate enormously those that have supported my education and professional development.


Contributor (Lectures and Workshops) to RNUAL, research degrees, University of the Arts London, 2015 – 2019

Guest Lecture and crits. Technology and the Social. Department of Design and Planning in Complex Environments – Product Design and Communication Design, Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy, 17-18 April 2014

Workshops for Industry – Visualising Complex Data, London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London

MA Graphic Design, UCA, Epsom

MA Fashion Design, UCA, Epsom

BA Fashion, Music and Lifestyle Journalism, UCA, Epsom

BA Online Journalism, UCA, Farnham

Foundation Diploma, Graphic Design and New Media, UCA, Epsom

Foundation Diploma and National Diploma, West Thames College, Middlesex

HnD Graphic Design, West Thames College, Middlesex

Access Graphic Design, West Thames College, Middlesex

Course Topics

  • Visualising Complex Data
  • Personal Ethics for Media and Design Professionals
  • Forms of Talk
  • A Brief History of the Internet
  • The Bikini and the Atomic Bomb
  • Site and the Environment (exploring in a whistle stop – Happenings, the Situationist International, mapping, surveillance, panopticons and shelter)
  • Object (exploring in a whistle stop art and design artefacts, things and readymades)
  • Body (exploring in a whistle stop health; ergonomics and the user; as well as ‘naked and the nude’, sexuality, gender and race)
  • The Internet, Audiences and Viral Marketing
  • Modernism and Postmodernism for Media, Fine Art, 3D Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion
  • Group Dynamics in Project Work in Journalism
  • Mapping and Diagramming Readership
  • Marxist, Semiotic and Demographic Analysis
  • How to construct an Argument and Essay Tips
  • Trace and Move – back to basics how to understand digital layering through print
  • Sticky instructions – instruction and information design and the web concept of ‘sticky’
  • Headlines and Straplines – copy writing for designers
  • Semiotics for Design – image analysis and sketchbook research
  • Viral Marketing – storyboarding, affinity mapping and wireframes
  • Curating and Exhibiting Graphic Design
  • Project briefs explore a wide range of themes such as water, oil and light, dust, instruction and inclusivity, Japanese-horror and Korean-horror.
  • MentorshipMentor for ‘Design and Displacement’, joint 4S/EASST Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012.