Conference Papers, Book Chapters and other Publications

Windle, A. (2016) Material Others and Other Materialities, University of the Arts London [Chair and Panel Discussant]

Windle, A. (2016)  Digital Accessibility (Ac)counting in Arts and Culture Venues [Conference Paper] in Panel T116.1. Counting by Other Means, Convened by Dr Alex Taylor and Professor Sarah Kember

Windle, A. (2016) Tecnología, arte y diseño por otros medios Art and Design by other Means, Museu del Disseny, with Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Catedras Telefonica, Telefonica, Barcelona [Panel Discussant]

Styles, K. (July 2016) This is a call to arms for anyone who thinks they might get old one day Editor, New Statesman Tech [Quote]

Windle, A. (2016) Launch of Digital Art and Ageing Funding for Nominet Trust with Baring Bank, Saint Martin-in-the-Fields, London [Panelist]

Windle, A. (June 2016) A personal plea from Europe’s polar bears, New Statesman Tech [Guest Opinion]

Windle, A. (2016) Code Creators Summit, DigiCatapult, London [Panelist]

Saldanha, C., Smith, D., & Windle, A.. (2015) The Voice of Culture, Structured Dialogue, coordinated by Creative Europe for the EU Commission [Policy Discussion Paper]

Windle, A. (2015) Ageing and Digital R&D, In Eds. Manzini, E. and Till, J., Cultures of Resilience, Hato Press, London [Book Chapter]

Windle, A. (2014) Automation and design for prevention: Fictional accounts of misanthropic  agency from the elevator (lift) to the sexbot (chatbot) Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research Volume 12 Number 1 © 2014 Intellect Ltd Article. English language. doi: 10.1386/tear.12.1.91_1 [Peer-Reviewed Journal Paper]

Windle, A. (2014) Visualising Complex Data: A Workshop Approach to Infographics and Knowledge Transmission, (in Panel 24), 4S & ESOCITE Conference, in Buenos Aires [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2014) and Jungknickel, K.  Panel 24. Transmissions, Entanglements and Mess: the possibilities and pitfalls of new forms of description,  4S & ESOCITE Conference, in Buenos Aires [Co-Chairs]  (forthcoming)

Windle, A. (2013). Territoriality and the DigiLab — How the Spatial Turn Comes to Matter, at 4S, October 8-11, 2013, San Diego, Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2012). Making Studio Practice Public: Assembling a Digi-Lab through Case Studying Virtual Research Inscriptions, in “Design and displacement – social studies of science and technology” Biennial Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) 2012 October 17-20, 2012, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark Held jointly with the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2012). Design for Prevention and the Promises of Automated Things: Three Fictional Accounts of Misanthropic Agency from the Elevator (lift) to the Sexbot, in Promises: Crises and Socio-Cultural Change, Centre for Socio-Cultural Change, Manchester (CRESC). [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2011). Inscribing Complexity – Diagrammatic Interventions, in Visualisation in the Age of Computerization, Saïd Business School, Oxford University, 25-26th March 2011 [Conference Poster— Inscribing_complexity_A1_03 Abstract — AmandaWindleVisComOxford]

Windle, A. ( 2010). Design Re-Enactments in Audio, Track 02 – Design, Performativity, STS,   Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social, EASST (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology) Conference, Trento, Italy, 2-4th September 2010
[Conference Paper]

Windle, A., Qiong, P., Lai, E., Meng, L., and Riahi R. (2010). [Guidance from Williams, A. and Zhang, L-Q.] How might a (German ICT company), (US automotive company) and (Chinese cosmetics company) integrate ‘glocal’ design management into their product & service system? In Design for UK and Chinese Markets Summer School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China and Salford University. With support from RCUK and C4D at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, 26th-6th August 2010.
[Postdoctoral fieldwork presentation].

Windle, A. (2009). The Affective Weapons of Chatbots, for Objects – What Matters? Technology, Value and Social Change, CRESC (Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change) 5th Annual Conference, Manchester University, Manchester, 1st-4th September 2009. [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2007). Going to the middle of nowhere: The repetition of subjugated knowledge in software agents, at Repeat, Repeat Conference, Chester University, 19th-20th April 2007. [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2006). Audio Rudiments: Public Things Questioning the Production of Norms, Reviewing Humanness: Bodies, Technologies and Spaces, EASST (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology) Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, 23-26th August 2006 [Conference Paper]

Windle, A. (2005). Rudiments – Aesthetical Play with Chatbots, Memory Conference Series, University of Surrey [Manifesto/short paper]

Windle, A. (2004). AI as Methodology and Aesthetics, Arts & Letters Annual Meet, Michigan [Conference Paper]

Reviewer and Memberships 

Peer Review College Member for University of the Arts London

Grants Reviewer, AHRC, August 2014, external to the College Review Panel.

SIG, Design Council with TSB, since 2013.

External Industry Engagement Group, UAL, since 2013.

Elected Member of the Research Institute, UCA, until 2011.

Member of IFL Institute for Learners, until 2010.

Grants Reviewer, Microsoft, Cambridge, until November 2008.

Member of UCU University and College Union, since 2003.

Laboratory / Studio Visits

September 2014 Microsoft Research, Redmond Seattle.

May 2013 Inmarset, London

August 2010 SAP, Shanghai, China

November 2009 INCITE (now at Goldsmiths University) Reading Group at IDEO, London

November 2008 Socio-Digital Research Lab, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK

November 2006 DWRC — Digital World Research Centre, Surrey University, UK

November 2004 INCITE —Incubator for Critical Enquiry into Technology & Ethnography, Surrey University, UK

August 2006 AI Laboratory, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Ph.D. Thesis

Windle, A. (2010). Territorial Violence and Design, 1950-2010: A Human-Computer Study of Personal Space and Chatbot Interaction (AHRC Funded, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts, London, accredited by Surrey University)

Research Interests

My interdisciplinary research intersects design with science and technology studies (STS) focusing on chatbots, a form of online human-computer interaction. I am currently interested in the internet of things and metadata issues as well as visualising techniques with complex data.